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Albondigas (Mexican meatballs) recipe 

Albondigas are Mexican meatballs, usually served in soups but they can also make a great appetizer or even a main dish. 
Tags: ground pork, onion, garlic, chipotle chiles, oregano 

Cassoulet recipe 

Cassoulet is a classic, French winter dish made with beans and different types of meat including pork and duck. There are many variations of the cassoulet dish, mainly in the amount and types of meat used, but the basic idea is the same.
Tags: beans, garlic, onion, duck, pork 
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Texas Asado (Texas pork Asado) recipe 

Pork shoulder cooked in a chili, oregano and coriander sauce, wrapped with cheese in flour tortillas. A simple, delicious, typical Tex-Mex dish.
Tags: Ancho chiles, pork shoulder, oregano, garlic, onion 

Pork fajitas (pork fahitas) recipe 

This recipe is the pork version of the classic Mexican skirt steak fajitas dish. Instead of skirt steak, pork tenderloin is used. Serve this dish with guacamole, sour cream, mexican salsa and grated cheese.
Tags: pork, guacamole, fajitas, fahitas 

Pork or chicken burritos recipe 

Flour tortillas filled with pork or chicken, chile powder, garlic and oregano. A typical Mexican dish that can be part of a main dish or used as an appetizer.
Tags: pork or chicken, mild chile powder, garlic, oregano, flour tortillas 

TexMex pork asado recipe 

A classic Tex-Mex dish, pork Asado is pork slow cooked in a garlic and chile sauce. The chiles used in this recipe are dried and before using them, they have to be dehydrated, ie, soaked in water for 8 to 10 hours. It is therefore best to soak the chiles a day ahead.
Tags: ancho chiles, pork shoulder, garlic, onion, coriander 

Mexican chipotle meatballs recipe 

Hot and spicy Mexican meatballs, made with pork, bacon, chipotle chiles and spices. Chipotle chiles are smoked and dried jalapeno peppers. They can be bought dried, pickled or preserved in adobo sauce. Chipotle chiles add a smoky flavor to dishes and quite a bit of heat, if used in quantities. This dish is great as an appetizer or even a main dish, if served with rice.
Tags: chipotle chiles, adobo sauce, ground pork, oregano, tomatoes 
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Chicken enchiladas (with an ancho chile marinade) recipe 

Chicken enchiladas are chicken with enchilada sauce and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and baked in the oven. This chicken used in the recipe is first marinated in a marinade made of ancho chiles (a type of dried chiles), garlic, onion and spices. The chicken is then pan fried, sliced and used as a filling for the flour tortillas, together with enchilada sauce, onion and cheese. Enchiladas make a great dish when served with fried rice and Mexican condiments such as guacamole, sour cream, jalapeno peppers and salsa.
Tags: chicken breasts, ancho chile, cumin powder, garlic, flour tortillas 

Pork Chili Verde (Green pork chili) recipe 

Chili verde, literally meaning green chili, is a chili made with pork and tomatillos. Tomatillos are green tomatoes widely used in the Mexican cuisine. The chilli is cooked for about 4 hours until tender and can be served with rice, baked potatoes or tortillas.
Tags: pork shoulder, tomatillos, Anaheim chiles, garlic, onion 

Carnitas recipe 

Carnitas are small pieces of pork, cooked in the oven until crispy. The pork is flavored with spices and chili and used as a filling for tacos or burritos.
Tags: pork shoulder, cinnamon stick, cumin powder, ancho chile, garlic 

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