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Enchiladas chatas (stacked enchiladas) recipe 

A beef enchiladas recipe made with the typical ingredients, red chili sauce and cheese. The different with this recipe is that instead of rolling up the tortillas, they are stacked, one on top of the other, with beef in between. The enchiladas are assembled on individual, oven safe serving dishes and broiled until the cheese melts. Serve with letuce, sour cream, guacamole sauce or your favorite Mexican condiments. A recipe for a traditional red chili sauce is included.
Tags: chili sauce, ground beef, onion, garlic, tortillas 

Enchiladas verdes de mariscos (Shrimp enchiladas) recipe 

Here is another enchiladas recipe, this time using shrimps and a tomatillo or tomato sauce. The tortillas are filled with shrimps and a garlic, green onion, chili peppers and tomatillo sauce, rolled up and topped with sour cream and cheese and baked in the oven until the cheese melts. This is a great starter or main dish, especially if you like shrimps. You may substitute shrimps with crab meat or use a combination of the two.
Tags: shrimps, green onions, chili peppers, tomattillos, cheese 

Enchiladas in poblano chile sauce recipe 

Chicken enchiladas cooked in a poblano chile sauce, served with guacamole or salsa. A perfect dish that can be served with Mexican fried rice for a complete meal. The chicken can be substituted with cooked minced or shredded beef for a beef enchiladas version.
Tags: poblano chiles, onion, tortillas, cheese, chicken 

Enchiladas in chipotle salsa recipe 

A simple, delicious, classic Mexican dish, enchiladas in chipotle salsa are corn tortillas lightly fried, filled with cooked chicken, cheese and onion, topped with a chipotle salsa and more cheese and baked in the oven. Enchiladas can be served with guacamole and fried rice to make a complete meal.
Tags: chicken, cheddar cheese, onion, chipotle chiles, garlic 

Enchiladas verdes (enchiladas with green sauce) recipe 

A healthy, delicious chicken enchiladas recipe, ready in 45 minutes. Corn tortillas are filled with cooked shredded chicken, rolled and topped with a tomatillo based sauce and cheese and baked in the oven until bubbly. The enchiladas can be served with typical Mexican condiments such as sour cream, sliced onions and guacamole.

Tags: tomatillos, chicken, corn tortillas, avocado, onions 

Bean enchiladas recipe 

A simple, easy to make bean enchiladas dish that is great as a main dish. Instead of meat, this dish uses refried beans, corn, black olives and cheese as the tortilla filling. The tortillas are topped with a chili flavored tomato sauce then some additional grated cheese and finally baked in the oven until the cheese melts and the enchiladas are bubbly. Serve the enchiladas with a salsa and sour cream.
Tags: corn tortillas, refried beans, cheddar cheese, corn, tomato sauce 

Beef enchiladas recipe 

A beef enchiladas recipe that tastes great and is easy to make. Like all enchilada recipes, tortillas are first fried, then stuffed with various ingredients, rolled up, topped with sauce and cheese and then baked in the oven. These enchiladas are great when served with sour cream and chili tomato salsa.
Tags: ground beef, garlic, tomato sauce, chili peppers, cheese 

Cheese enchiladas recipe 

A simple cheese enchiladas recipe, easy to do and great as a starter or main dish. Serve with guacamole sauce, sour cream, freshly chopped coriander and iceburg lettuce.
Tags: tortillas, salsa, tomatoes, coriander, yellow cheese 

Shrimp enchiladas recipe 

Enchiladas is one of the most well known and favorite Mexican dishes. They come in many variations such as chicken enchiladas, beef enchiladas, shrimp enchiladas or vegetable enchiladas. This recipe is for shrimp enchiladas. Corn tortillas are filled with shrimp, corn, green chiles and refried beans, topped with an enchilada sauce and shredded cheese and baked in the oven. The enchiladas are served together with cilantro, sour cream and lime wedges and make a great main dish.
Tags: chrimp, corn, enchilada sauce, corn tortillas, refried beans 

Cheese enchiladas recipe 

One of the most popular, tastiest enchilada dishes, cheese enchiladas are corn tortillas filled with cheese, onion and enchilada sauce, topped with even more cheese and enchilada sauce and baked in the oven until the cheese is melted. This dish can be served with Mexican fried rice, refried beans and typical Mexican condiments such as sour cream and guacamole for a perfect meal.
Tags: corn tortillas, cheddar cheese, onion, enchilada sauce, sour cream