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Texas style pork burritos recipe 

A simple and easy to make Texas style pork burritos. This recipe takes 8 to 8 1/2 hours to cook so start early in the morning (or noon if you plan to have it for dinner). The pork first browned, then slow cooked with onions, carrots, olives, enchilada sauce, spices and several other ingredients for about 8 hours.
Tags: pork, enchilada sauce, oregano, garlic, sour cream 

Texas style pulled pork recipe 

A fantastic Tex-Mex pork recipe, pork shoulder is marinated in a coffee, chipotle and spices rub, slow cooked in the oven for about 8 hours until juicy and tender, then shredded and mixed with a homemade barbecue sauce. The pulled pork can be served on flour tortillas, tacos or bread rolls with jalapeno slices, mayonnaise, grated cheese or anything else you like.
Tags: pork shoulder, chipotle chiles, paprika, garlic, cumin 
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Stuffed bell peppers recipe 

Green bell pepper halves stuffed with a Tex-Mex flavored pork and meat filling, then baked in the oven until soft. This can be a great appetizer or main dish when served with Mexican fried rice, salsa and sour cream.
Tags: sausage meat, ground meat, rice, garlic, egg 

Homemade mild Italian sausage recipe 

Easy, homemade mild Italian sausages, great for pizzas, pasta or other Italian dishes.
Tags: ground pork, garlic, paprika, fennel seeds, anise seeds 

Homemade sweet Italian sausage recipe 

Another easy homemade Italian sausage recipe, great for any recipe that calls for ground meat. You can use this sausage for pizza toppings, for a spaghetti tomato sauce, as a lasagna filling or anything else you like.
Tags: ground pork, fennel seeds, paprika, garlic, red wine vinegar 
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Homemade Italian pepperoni sausage for pizzas recipe 

A perfect recipe for homemade Italian style pepperoni sausage, great as a pizza topping. The procedure of making the sausage is simple and the result is delicious. To save time you can make the sausage mixture the day before and keep it refrigerated until you are ready to use it.
Tags: pork, beef, anise seed, cayenne pepper, paprika 

Homemade Mexican chorizo recipe 

Mexican chorizo is ground pork seasoned with chiles, herbs and spices. It is extremely tasty and easy to make. Mexican chorizo is great with tacos, taquitos, burritos, scrambled eggs or even as a pizza topping.
Tags: ground pork, guajillo chiles, apple cider vinegar, cumin, oregano 
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Chicago style deep dish pizza with homemade Italian sausage recipe (with photos) 

The deep pan or deep dish pizza is very popular in Chicago. The pizza dough is light and flaky and covers not only the bottom of the pan but the sides as well. Unlike other pizzas, the tomato sauce in this recipe goes on the top of the pizza and not on the bottom (it is the last layer of the pizza, not the first one); furthermore, the pizza is baked for 35 to 40 minutes instead of the 5 to 10 minutes cooking time for regular pizzas. This Chicago style deep dish pizza recipe uses homemade Italian sausage and uncooked tomato sauce (recipes included).
Tags: tomato sauce, flour, mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, garlic 
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Queso flameado recipe 

Queso flameado is cheese topped with cooked Mexican chorizo sausage and Poblano chile stripes, baked in the oven until bubbly and served on a warm flour tortilla topped with sour cream. This is one of the simplest, easiest, yet most delicious Mexican meals we have tried. Queso flameado can be a great starter or main dish when served with Mexican fried rice.
Tags: Asadero cheese, cheddar cheese, Poblano chile, chorizo 
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Easy pork carnitas recipe 

Carnitas is a favorite Mexican dish and one of the most popular pork recipes worldwide. Carnitas is Spanish for 'small meats' and that is what it is, pork shoulder braised in herbs and spices, cut in small pieces and baked until caramelized then served on warm tortillas or tacos with typical Mexican ingredients such as salsa, avocado and onion.
Tags: pork shoulder, garlic, bay leaf, cumin powder, oregano 

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