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Check out our Mexican recipes section for spicy dishes such as fajitas, quesadillas, chili con carne, guacamole, salsas and much more. All our recipes have been tested and are listed with easy step by step instructions.
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Mount Zion Hotel's hot cheesecake recipe 

A delicious cheesecake that is rich and lightly tart, great for special occasions. The cheesecake does not have a crust and can be served either warm or cold. Corn flour is added to the cream mixture to give the cheesecake a cake-like consistency. 
Tags: cream cheese, creme fraiche, heavy cream, eggs, orange zest 
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Creamy ham and cheese pasta recipe 

A simple, easy to make pasta in a creamy cheese and ham sauce, ready in 15 minutes. 
Tags: onion, garlic, ham, butter, milk 

Chilaquiles with tomatillo and ancho chilli salsa recipe 

Another easy to make Mexican dish that makes use of left over, stale corn tortillas. The tortillas are quartered and fried until crispy, then cooked in a homemade tomatillo and ancho chile salsa together with cooked chicken. This dish is served with sour cream, Mexican Cotija cheese and lime wedges. Note that you can omit the chicken if you like. 
Tags: ancho chile, corn tortillas, garlic, tomatillos, coriander 

Authentic Tex Mex nachos recipe 

Authentic Tex-Mex nachos made with whole corn tortillas, refried beans and jalapeno slices. Nachos are perfect as an appetizer, go great with beer and make one of the best party dishes. For best results, use homemade refried beans.

Tags: corn tortillas, refried beans, sliced jlapenos, cheddar cheese, guacamole 
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Enchiladas verdes (enchiladas with green sauce) recipe 

A healthy, delicious chicken enchiladas recipe, ready in 45 minutes. Corn tortillas are filled with cooked shredded chicken, rolled and topped with a tomatillo based sauce and cheese and baked in the oven until bubbly. The enchiladas can be served with typical Mexican condiments such as sour cream, sliced onions and guacamole.

Tags: tomatillos, chicken, corn tortillas, avocado, onions 

Hot and creamy Peri Peri chicken strips recipe 

A simple, hot and creamy chicken recipe. Chicken strips are stir fried with onion and bell peppers in a creamy hot Peri Peri sauce, then served on top of rice.
Tags: garlic, onion, chicken breast, Peri Peri hot sauce, double cream 

Cheese enchiladas recipe 

One of the most popular, tastiest enchilada dishes, cheese enchiladas are corn tortillas filled with cheese, onion and enchilada sauce, topped with even more cheese and enchilada sauce and baked in the oven until the cheese is melted. This dish can be served with Mexican fried rice, refried beans and typical Mexican condiments such as sour cream and guacamole for a perfect meal.
Tags: corn tortillas, cheddar cheese, onion, enchilada sauce, sour cream 

Risotto Milanese recipe 

A classic risotto recipe, risotto Milanese is Italian rice cooked in wine and a saffron flavored chicken stock, then mixed with butter and Parmesan cheese. A simple, easy to make and absolutely delicious classic Italian dish.
Tags: Arborio rice, saffron, chicken stock, butter, parmesan cheese 

Chocolate affogato recipe 

Affogato,  is a classic Italian dessert or beverage where ice cream is topped with a shot of Espresso coffee. Chocolate Affogato is chocolate ice cream topped with hot Espresso, dark rum, whipped cream and grated chocolate. This is a fantastic, extremely delicious and very easy to make desert, great for any time.
Tags: heacy cream, Espresso coffee, chocolate ice cream, dark rum, semisweet chocolate 

Tex Mex sloppy Joes recipe 

Delicious, easy to make Tex-Mex sloppy Joes. Ground beef is browned and cooked with onion, Mexican spices, tomato sauce and beer, then served on hamburger buns topped with onion, pickled jalapeno slices, cheese and guacamole.
Tags: ground beef, chipotle in adobo sauce, onion, garlic, oregano