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Chipotle chilli con carne (beef chilli with Chipotle chiles) recipe 

Chile con carne, or chilli with meat, is one of the most popular Mexican or Tex-Mex recipes. It is basically a spicy meat stew with lots of spices. This recipe uses Chipotle chiles, a dried, smoked Jalapeno type of chile and has a great smokey flavor. The chilli takes quite some time to cook, since the meat that is being used is not tender enough - a long cooking process is therefore required to tenderize the meat. Chilli refrigerates well for 1 or 2 weeks and can be frozen for one or two months. Refrigerating chili for at least 24 hours actually improves its taste and the extra time allows for the flavors to enhance.
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Easy beef chilli recipe 

Another beef chlli recipe, made with Chipotle and Ancho chiles and a series of other ingredients, added in several batches during the cooking process.
Tags: beef chuck, Chipotle chiles, onion powder, chile powder, Sazon Goya 

Easy beef chilli (chilli con carne) recipe 

A simple, delicious, easy to make beef chilli without beans, great with tortilla chips, flour tortillas or rice.
Tags: ground beef, Chipotle chiles, Ancho chiles, Guajille chiles, onion 

Simple Chilli con carne recipe 

Another beef chili con carne recipe, using the typical ingredients and spices. Serve with tortilla chips or Mexican fried rice and sour cream.
Tags: beef, red kidney beans, onion, chilli powder, cumin powder 

Best easy chilli recipe 

This is the best, easy beef chilli recipe. The chilli is delicious and can be ready in under 2 hours, from start to finish. Although chilli usually cooks for several hours, this one does not have to because it uses ground beef. The recipe uses the typical chilli ingredients as well as a combination of dried chillies. The dried chillies are first rehydrated, then pureed and finally added to the chilli dish. This is a fantastic recipe, especially when you need something delicious and fast.
Tags: ground beef, Chipotle chillies, onion, garlic, cumin 
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Texas style beef chilli recipe 

A classic Texas style chili, made with beef, bacon, dried chilies, spices, beer, coffee and Mexican chocolate. This chili is typically served with corn tortillas, sour cream and guacamole.
Tags: chipotle chilies, ancho chilies, beef, bacon, garlic 
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Chili con carne, classic style recipe 

A classic chili con carne recipe using roughly ground beef tenderloin or sirloin, onions, tomato paste and typical Mexican spices such as cumin and oregano.
Tags: beef sirloin or tenderloin, tomato paste, onions, chili flakes, oregano 

Chili recipe 

Chili, chili con carne or chili sin carne, is a stew, usually using beef or other meat, cooked with spices, herbs and one or more types of chili pepper (in powder, fresh, dried, liquid or smoked form). There are many recipes for chili, all based on the same principle, but each one using different types of ingredients. No matter what the recipe is, one of the secrets in making chili is to refrigerate it for at least a day or two; this will allow the flavors to develop and mature.
Tags: beef steak, chili, cayenne, paprika, red kidney beans 

Chili con carne (best version) recipe 

This is the best chili con carne recipe we have tried so far. It is simple to do, like the rest of the beef chili recipes but it has an incredible taste, especially if refrigerated overnight. You can adjust how hot the dish is by adjusting the amount of chili or cayenne pepper used.
Tags: beef steak, chili, cayenne, paprika, red kidney beans 

Chasen's famous chili con carne with canned red kidney beans recipe 

This is a variation of the famous restaurant Chasen's chili con carne recipe. The original recipe uses dried pinto beans that are soaked, boiled in water and then cooked with tomatoes. This recipe uses all the ingredients used in the original recipe except the pinto beans. Instead, canned red kidney beans are used. The result is not the same but it is equally delicious.
Tags: beef chuck, pork shoulder, chili powder, red kidney beans, garlic