Conversion calculators and tables

Use our convertion calculators and tables to convert any weight, volume, length and/or temperature value from the U.S. system to the Metric system and vice versa. Convert pounds, ounces, grams, gallons, quarts, cups, liters, milliliters, teaspoons, tablespoons, feet, inches, feet, centimeters, celcius, fahrenheit and more.

Convert volume units

Convert from quarts (qt.), cups (c.), gallons (gal) or fluid ounces (fl. oz.) to liters (L) or milliliters (ml)

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Convert weight units

Convert weight units from the metric system to the U.S. system or vice versa. You can convert between ounces (oz.), pounds (lb.), grams (g) and kilograms (Kg) using our easy to use calculator

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Convert temperature units

Convert from Fahrenheit (F) to Celcius (C) and vice versa

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Convert length units

Convert from feet (ft.), inches (in.) or yards (yrd.) to meters (m), centimeters (cm) or millimeters (mm) and vice versa

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