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Carnitas (Pork tacos) recipe 

Carnitas are corn tortillas filled with a pork mixture and other ingredients. In this recipe, the pork is first cooked in water, spices, herbs and tomatoes for several hours, then roasted briefly. It is then used as a filling for corn tortillas, together with typical Mexican ingredients such as avocado, lettuce, refried beans and cheese.
Tags: pork shoulder, beef broth, tomato salsa, pico de gallo, corn tortillas 

Roasted chipotle pork shoulder recipe 

Pork shoulder slow cooked in the oven together with garlic, chipotle chiles, tomatoes, oregano and cumin. Serve with roast or baked potatoes and sour cream.  
Tags: pork shoulder, onion, chipotle chile, oregano, cumin 

Pork burritos recipe 

Tortillas filled with pork and lettuce. The pork is slow cooked for about 4 hours together with garlic, onion, spices and ancho chile until tender and falling apart. Note that there is no cheese or beans in this recipe.
Tags: pork shoulder, lettuce, garlic, ancho chile, tortillas 

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