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Authentic Texas chili con carne recipe 

This is the authentic Texas chili recipe. Unlike many other chili recipes, this recipe does not use tomato sauce or red kidney beans. The use of bacon fat gives a distinct flavour to the dish.
Tags: beef steak, chili peppers, oregano, garlic, cayenne 
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Chilli con carne recipe 

Beef chili con carne with red wine, Worcestershire sauce, tomatoes, chilies, cinnamon and red kidney beans, among other ingredients. Better if refrigerated for 1 or 2 days, as the flavors will develop during that time.
Tags: minced beef, garlic, red wine, Worcestershire sauce, cinnamon 

Chasen's famous chili con carne recipe 

This is the chili con carne recipe of the famous restaurant Chasen's. This recipe uses both beef and pork meat, spices, parsley, butter, tomatoes and bell peppers and instead of red kidney beans, is uses pinto beans. You can substitute the pinto beans with red kidney beans or borlotti beans but if you want to be as close to the original recipe as possible, try to use the pinto beans.
Tags: beef chuck, pork shoulder, chili powder, pinto beans, garlic 
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Chili con carne, with tomatoes and wine recipe 

Another classic chili con carne recipe that uses ground beef, the typical chili spices, tomatoes and red wine, among other ingredients. The chili is cooked slowly, for about 4 hours but the result is worth the wait. For a complete meal, serve this dish with fried rice,  tortillas or mashed potatoes.
Tags: ground beef, onion, garlic, oregano, cumin 

Chili corn carne, Texas style recipe 

Another classic chili with meat recipe using a combination of minced meats (beef, pork and chorrizo sausage). The meat is cooked in beer, tomato sauce and several herbs and spices. This chili con carne dish is supposed to be quite hot, hence the use of chorrizo sausage (a hot Mexican sausage), jalapeno peppers and chili powder.
Tags: beef steak, chorrizo sausage, garlic, chili powder, jalapeno peppers 

Easy chilli con carne recipe 

Another great chili con carne recipe, using various spices, fresh tomatoes, salsa, tomato sauce and chili beans instead of red kidney beans
Tags: minced beef, onion, celery, tomatoes, chili powder 

Beef and bean chilli recipe 

Another beef chili recipe that uses a combination of beans (red kidney, white, pinto and red beans). The beans are first soaked overnight, then cooked and finelly added to the chili mixture. A great dish for bean and chili fans.

Hot and spicy Chili con carne recipe 

Here is another chili recipe that is hot and delicious. The ingredients used in this recipe may look a lot, but most of them are spices and herbs that are added together at the final stage of cooking. Unlike many other chili recipes, this one does not use red kidney or other type of beans. Instead, it uses a variety of fresh and powdered chili peppers, such as jalapeno, green chilies, cayenne etc. The resulting dish is quite hot, but equally tasty. Serve it with Mexican fried rice. sour cream and fresh chopped coriander for a complete meal.
Tags: ground beef chuck, garlic, chili, jalapeno, tomato sauce 

Authentic chili con carne recipe 

An authentic beef chili recipe using habenero chili peppers, tomatoes, onions, cumin and oregano, cocoa pwder and chili beans. The result is quite hot but extremely delicious!
Tags: habanero chilli peppers, beef chuck, onions, garlic, chili beans 

Chili con carne with red kidney beans (one of the best versions) recipe 

Here is another recipe of Chili con carne using red kidney beans. It is basically a variation of another version of chilli con carne listed on our website. This recipe uses lots of spices and instead of onion and garlic powders it uses fresh ones, minced. It also uses dried oregano, added at the last stage. The chili is cooked over medium heat for about 2 hours. During the cooking time, a series of ingredients are added in batches. 
Tags: beef, tomato sauce, paprica, Sazon Goya, chilli powder