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Strawberry Tiramisu recipe 

A strawberry Tiramisu recipe using a zabaglione and Mascarpone cheese mixture, fresh strawberries and a strawberry compote. This recipe makes a refreshing, simple and delicious summer dessert, great for any occation.
Tags: strawberries, Cointreau, orange juice, Mascarpone cheese, whipped cream 

Mary Bergin's Tiramisu recipe 

A Tiramisu recipe presented by Mary Bergin on a Food TV Network show. It uses a chocolate chiffon cake instead of ladyfingers, a combination of Kahlua and rum and it is prepared in individual dessert glasses. This recipe requires more work than typical Tiramisu recipes, but the result is worth it. 
Tags: mascarpone, eggs, Espresso, chocolate, cocoa 

Trenda Leigh's Tiramisu recipe 

This Tiramisu recipe is by Trenda Leigh from the January 1991 issue of Southern Living magazine. It uses a zabaglione, mascarpone cheese, Espresso coffee and brandy. It also uses whipping cream together with cocoa powder and chocolate shavings to garnish the cake.

Specialty Baker's Tiramisu recipe 

A Tiramisu recipe from Specialty Bakers, a company specializing in making ladyfingers. Like all Tiramisu recipes, this one uses a zabaglione (eggs and sugar cooked over a water bath), Espresso coffee, brandy and whipping cream. This recipe uses an additional layer of a sweetened whipping cream, cocoa and chocolate shavings as a garnish. 
Tags: mascarpone, Espresso, whipped cream, egg yolks, vanilla 

Jeff Smith's Basic Tiramisu recipe 

This is a Tiramisu recipe by the famous Jeff Smith. Like most typical Tiramisu recipes, this one uses mascarpone cheese, Espresso coffee, brandy, egg yolks and ladyfingers.
Tags: mascarpone, Espresso, egg yolks, brandy 

Sophia Loren's basic Tiramisu (variation) recipe 

A variation of a tiramisu recipe by Sophia Loren from a show on the Food TV Network. Like most Tiramisu recipes, this one uses eggs, Mascarpone cheese, Espresso coffee and ladyfingers as basic ingredients. The different with this recipe is the use of orange liqueur together with the Espresso coffee to flavour the ladyfingers.
Tags: Mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers, eggs, Espresso coffee, orange liqueur 

Black and white chocolate Tiramisu recipe 

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert, typically made with ladyfingers, Mascarpone cheese, some type of liquer and coffee. There many variations of Tiramisu recipes ranging from simple to complex, using a variety of ingredients such as double cream, egg yolks, whole eggs, chocolate, fruit and much more. This Tiramisu recipe uses white and dark chocolate together with double cream and Mascarpone cheese; the white layer is made with the white chocolate and the dark brown layer with the dark chocolate. The result is rich and delicious, great for people who love chocolate.
Tags: Amaretto biscuits, Amaretto liquer, Mascarpone cheese, rum, egg yolks 
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Black cherry and chocolate tiramisu cheesecake recipe 

A rich and delicious dessert combining elements from a Tiramisu and chocolate Cheesecake. This cake consists of two layers of sponge cake flavored with Frangelico and strawberry liquors, topped with a black cherry jam and then a chocolate, Mascarpone and double cream mixture. It is easy to make and takes about one hour to prepare.
Tags: Mascarpone, black cherry jam, double cream, dark chocolate, Frangelico liquor 
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