Recipes similar to Traditional Quesadillas

Chicken chimichangas with chipotle salsa recipe 

One of the best chicken chimichanga recipes. Flour tortillas are filled with cooked shredded chicken and cheese, deep fried and served with a homemade Chipotle salsa and sour cream.
Tags: flour tortillas, onion, chili powder, oregano, chicken breast 

Chilaquiles with tomatillo and ancho chilli salsa recipe 

Another easy to make Mexican dish that makes use of left over, stale corn tortillas. The tortillas are quartered and fried until crispy, then cooked in a homemade tomatillo and ancho chile salsa together with cooked chicken. This dish is served with sour cream, Mexican Cotija cheese and lime wedges. Note that you can omit the chicken if you like. 
Tags: ancho chile, corn tortillas, garlic, tomatillos, coriander 

Authentic Tex Mex nachos recipe 

Authentic Tex-Mex nachos made with whole corn tortillas, refried beans and jalapeno slices. Nachos are perfect as an appetizer, go great with beer and make one of the best party dishes. For best results, use homemade refried beans.

Tags: corn tortillas, refried beans, sliced jlapenos, cheddar cheese, guacamole 
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Bean enchiladas recipe 

A simple, easy to make bean enchiladas dish that is great as a main dish. Instead of meat, this dish uses refried beans, corn, black olives and cheese as the tortilla filling. The tortillas are topped with a chili flavored tomato sauce then some additional grated cheese and finally baked in the oven until the cheese melts and the enchiladas are bubbly. Serve the enchiladas with a salsa and sour cream.
Tags: corn tortillas, refried beans, cheddar cheese, corn, tomato sauce 

Black or red kidney bean burritos recipe 

Bean burritos are one of the most well-known Mexican dishes. They are easy to make and extremely tasty. Canned beans (black, red or even white) are cooked with garlic, onion, jalapeno peppers and cheese then placed in a flour tortilla that is rolled up and served hot.
Tags: black or red beans, flour tortillas, onion, red bell pepper, garlic 

Pico de gallo (Fresh tomato salsa or Salsa fresca) recipe 

Salsa, meaning sauce in Spanish, is a typical accompaniment for most Mexican dishes. There are many different types of salsas available, some cooked and some uncooked (fresh). The main ingredients of salsa are tomatoes, onion and chili peppers. Pico de gallo is a fresh tomato salsa, ideal for almost any Mexican dish.
Tags: fresh tomatoes, red onion, coriander, Serano chile, Jalapeno chile 

Chili con carne with red kidney beans (one of the best versions) recipe 

Here is another recipe of Chili con carne using red kidney beans. It is basically a variation of another version of chilli con carne listed on our website. This recipe uses lots of spices and instead of onion and garlic powders it uses fresh ones, minced. It also uses dried oregano, added at the last stage. The chili is cooked over medium heat for about 2 hours. During the cooking time, a series of ingredients are added in batches. 
Tags: beef, tomato sauce, paprica, Sazon Goya, chilli powder 

Chipotle bean tostadas recipe 

Corn tortillas, fried or toasted and topped with refried beans, cheese, lettuce and salsa. The refried beans are made with cumin and a chipotle flavoured tabasco sauce which gives them a great smokey flavour. This is an extremely tasty Mexican dish that is very easy to make.
Tags: corn tortillas, chipotle tabasco sauce, refried beans, cumin, cheese 

Bean nachos recipe 

Deep fried corn tortilla wedges topped with refried beans, cheese, guacamole and sour cream and served with mild and hot chili sauces. One of the most popular Mexican snacks, great as an appetizer.
Tags: corn tortillas, cheese, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream 

Enchiladas in chipotle salsa recipe 

A simple, delicious, classic Mexican dish, enchiladas in chipotle salsa are corn tortillas lightly fried, filled with cooked chicken, cheese and onion, topped with a chipotle salsa and more cheese and baked in the oven. Enchiladas can be served with guacamole and fried rice to make a complete meal.
Tags: chicken, cheddar cheese, onion, chipotle chiles, garlic