Caipirinha recipe

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A refreshing Brazilian cocktail, similar to mojito. This drink uses lime and sugar mixed together with lots of ice and the most popular spirit in Brazil, cachaga.
Preparation time: -, Cooking time: -, Serves: 1 


1 lime
2 oz cachaca
1 tsp brown or granulated sugar (adjust to taste)
Ice cubes (preferably crushed)

Extra lime wedges to garnish


Wash the lime, roll it while pressing it on a flat surface to loosen the juices, then cut it in 4 wedges. Add the lime wedges pulp side up in a old fashioned glass, then add the sugar and start crushing the lime with a pestle until most of the lime juice is released (do not crush the skin of the lime or it will get bitter). Fill the glass with the ice cubes, then top with the cachaga. Mix well, top with a lime wedge and serve immediately.

Notes and tips

If you do not have the wooden caipirinha pestle use that of a regular mortar and pestle.

If you cannot find cachaca, substitute with rum or vodka. The result will not be the same but it is as close to the original caipirinha as it can get.
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