Tiramisu (with Kahlua and Amaretto) recipe

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Tiramisu, is a famous Italian desert, typically made of two layers of ladyfingers soaked in espresso coffee, topped with a cream mixture made with mascarpone cheese, alcohol (usually rum), and sometimes a zabaglione, which is a creamy mixture made with eggs and sugar. This recipe is one of the many variations of Tiramisu, using a zabaglione, Amaretto liqeur, Kahlua and rum.
Preparation time: 10 minutes, Cooking time: 20 minutes, Serves: 6 


For the zabaglione
8 egg yolks
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup rum
1/2 cup cold water
A splash of Amaretto liquer

2 1/2 lbs mascarpone cheese
36 ladyfingers
2 cups espresso coffee
A splash of Kahlua
Chocolate shavings or cocoa powder for serving (optional)


To make the zabaglione
In a double boiler or over a hot water bath, whick the egg yokes, Amaretto, rum, sugar, and water until the mixture is thick. Cool the zabaglione mixture in a bowl of cold water and ice cubes.

To prepare the cream
Add the cooled zabaglione and mascarpone cheese in a bowl and mix until well incorporated and smooth (you can use a stand mixer, a hand mixer or whisk by hand). If you are using an electric mixer, make sure that not to overmix the mixture or the mascarpone cheese will break and become crumbly.

Prepare the coffee, cool it, and add the Kahlua. Pour the liquid in a bowl and set aside.

To assembly the Tiramisu
Line the bottom and sides of a 10" springform pan with greeseproof paper. Dip the ladyfingers in the coffee and Kahlua mixture and then lay them flat side down on the bottom of the pan, leaving 1 inch gap around the sides.

Using a spatula, fill the gap between the ladyfingers and the pan with cream. If there are gaps between the ladyfingers, add some more cream to cover them. Spread a layer of cream on top of the ladyfingers and smooth using the spatula. To finish this layer, place more ladyfingers, (after dipping them in the coffee mixture) in an upright position, sugar side out, against the side of the pan. Make sure to push them into the cream so that they fit tightly together.

Begin the second layer of the Tiramisu by dipping the remaining ladyfingers in the coffee mixture and then placing them on the cream layer, flat side down, like you did before. Spread a layer of cream on top of the ladyfingers and smooth with a spatula.

Place the pan in the refrigerator and allow to chill overnight. This will make the cream to set.

Remove the pan from the refrigerator and unmold. To unmold, simply undo the springform and remove the paper around. Top with chocolate shavings or cocoa powder (using a sift) and serve.

Notes and tips

Using a double boiler to make the zabaglione mixture is important because it will basically cook the eggs and therefore reduce or even eliminate any issues of salmonella. If you do not have a double boiler, prepare the zabaglione in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. Also, make sure to whisk continuously, otherwise you might get an omelette.
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This recipe contains too many egg yolks. I have changed this slightly and used amaretto biscuits instead of ladyfingers and came out perfect. Here are the ingredients:

For the zabaglione:
4 egg yolks
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup rum
1/4 cup cold water
A splash of Amaretto liquer

For the cream:
250g mascarpone cheese
200 ml cream
A splash of brandy

For the Tiramisu assembly:
1 cup espresso coffee
1 pack of Amaretto biscuits
Chocolate shavings or cocoa powder to garnish

Follow the same instructions, making the zabaglione, then the cream and finally assembling the Tiramisu. Refrigerate for several hours, then coat the Tiramisu with sifted cocoa powder or chocolate shavings and serve.
Posted by mick_y on Jul 04, 2008, 01:54

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