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Black cherry and chocolate tiramisu cheesecake recipe 

A rich and delicious dessert combining elements from a Tiramisu and chocolate Cheesecake. This cake consists of two layers of sponge cake flavored with Frangelico and strawberry liquors, topped with a black cherry jam and then a chocolate, Mascarpone and double cream mixture. It is easy to make and takes about one hour to prepare.
Tags: Mascarpone, black cherry jam, double cream, dark chocolate, Frangelico liquor 
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Black and white chocolate Tiramisu recipe 

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert, typically made with ladyfingers, Mascarpone cheese, some type of liquer and coffee. There many variations of Tiramisu recipes ranging from simple to complex, using a variety of ingredients such as double cream, egg yolks, whole eggs, chocolate, fruit and much more. This Tiramisu recipe uses white and dark chocolate together with double cream and Mascarpone cheese; the white layer is made with the white chocolate and the dark brown layer with the dark chocolate. The result is rich and delicious, great for people who love chocolate.
Tags: Amaretto biscuits, Amaretto liquer, Mascarpone cheese, rum, egg yolks 
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Amaretto Tiramisu (with Amaretto biscuits and Amaretto liquer) recipe 

Here is a variation of the Tiramisu with Kahlua and Amaretto recipe based on comments submitted by a member. If you like Amaretto you will love this recipe. Like many Tiramisu recipes, this recipe uses a zabaglione cream, mascarpone cheese and Amaretto biscuits instead of ladyfingers. The Amaretto bisuits add an extra almond flavor and different texture (than the ladyfingers) to the cake. The recipe also uses less egg yolks and brandy instead of Kahlua.
Tags: Amaretto biscuits, Amaretto liquer, Mascarpone cheese, rum, egg yolks 
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Italian lemon chicken and pasta recipe 

Chicken pieces cooked in a lemon flavoured sauce and served with pasta. A delicious, easy to make chicken recipe that is great as a main dish.
Tags: chicken, cinammon, garlic, lemon juice and zest, oregano 
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Basic Italian tomato sauce recipe 

This basic Italian tomato sauce is a great sauce to use on top of pasta or as a base ingredient for a variety of tomato based pasta or other sauces. It is extremely easy to make and refrigerates well, for 2 weeks or more. Make more than you need and refrigerate in air-tight jars until you need it again. The secret in this sauce is the quality of the tomatoes. The better the tomatoes, the better the sauce.
Tags: fresh tomatoes, olive oil, red wine vinegar, sugar, salt 
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Amaretti (Amaretto) biscuits recipe 

Amaretti biscuits are classic italian biscuits that are extremely easy to make. They are used in popular Italian desserts such as Tiramisu. If you like almonds or Amaretti you will definetely like these.
Tags: egg whites, ground almonds, Amaretto liquor, sugar, butter 
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Pasta with mushrooms in pesto sauce recipe 

Pasta with mushrooms in pesto sauce is a simple, easy to make, yet extremely delicious Italisn dish. As with most pasta dishes, the sauce is made while the pasta is cooking. This dish can be ready in 10 to 15 minutes, provided that you have soaked the dried mushrooms in advance. You can substitute the dried mushrooms with regular mushrooms but the taste will be far from the one when using dried one. You can also use a ready made pesto sauce, but it is very easy to make your own, and it will taste much better for sure.
Tags: wild dried mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, butter, pesto sauce, Parmesan cheese 
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Chicken Marsala recipe 

This is the classic, famous Italian chicken Marsala recipe. It is healthy, quick and easy to prepare. It uses of course Marsala wine and porcini mushrooms, a special type of dried mushrooms very popular in Italian dishes.
Tags: chicken, Marsala wine, porcini mushrooms, white mushrooms, parsley 
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Easy orange chicken recipe 

An easy orange chicken recipe that can be ready in as little as 15 minutes. Boneless chicken breasts are sauteed in butter and served with an oranged flavored sauce made with onions, fresh orange juice and zest, tarragon and cream. 
Tags: boneless chicken breast, butter, onion, orange zest, orange juice 

Emeril's Tiramisu recipe 

A Tiramisu recipe by Emeril Lagasse, one of New Orleans' top chefs. This recipe is made with a hot sponge cake instead of ladyfingers. 
Tags: mascarpone, Grand Marnier, Espresso, eggs, rum 

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