Baked cheesecake recipes

A collection of the best baked cheesecakes.

Cappuccino cheesecake recipe 

A coffee flavored cheesecake baked on a nutty crust.
Tags: almond nuts, sugar, cream cheese, sour cream, instant coffee granules 

Amaretto cheesecake recipe 

A rich, creamy, full of flavor cheesecake, great for any occasion.
Tags: sugar, unsalted butter, Amaretto liqueur, cream cheese, sour cream 

Chocolate ricotta cheesecake recipe 

A smooth, chocolate flavored cheesecake using creamed and ricotta cheese, coffee liquer and eggs (among other ingredients). Unlike other chocolate cheesecake recipes, this one does not use melted chocolate; instead it uses cocoa powder and coffee liqueur.
Tags: butter, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, eggs, cocoa powder 

Easy cheesecake recipe 

An easy cheesecake recipe using eggs, cream cheese and sour cream among other ingredients, great for any occasion.  
Tags: cream cheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence, sour cream 

Triple chocolate brownies recipe 

The best recipe for triple chocolate brownies
Tags: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, butter, flour 
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Butterscotch caramel cheesecake recipe 

One of the best caramel cheesecake recipes. A nutty flavored cookie base is filled with a cream cheese mixture including butterscotch flavored morsels, condensed milk and eggs, baked in the oven until set and topped with a homemade caramel sauce.
Tags: pecans, butterscotch flavored morsels, cream cheese, vanilla extract, condensed milk 

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