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Pasta with tuna, caper and olive tomato sauce recipe 

Pasta with a tuna, anchovy, olive, caper and basil tomato sauce. This dish is very similar to pasta Puttanesca with the main difference being the use of tuna meat.
Tags: white tuna, anchovies, capers, olives, tomatoes 
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Spaghetti with lemon sauce recipe 

An healthy spaghetti dish using a lemon and olive oil based sauce. Unlike most spaghetti recipes, the sauce in this one is not cooked; instead, fresh lemon juice together with olive oil and Parmesan cheese are used as the sauce. This is a great recipe for people who like the taste and arome of fresh lemon juice. Use good quality, fresh lemons, preferably organic.
Tags: garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, pasta, parsley 

Pasta with Sicilian style mussels recipe (with photos) 

A delicious pasta dish using fresh mussels, steamed in white wine and herbs and then cooked with olive oil, garlic, capers and black olives. This dish is extremely easy and fast to prepare, provided you have prepared the mussels.
Tags: fresh mussels, garlic, capers, black olives, pasta 

Italian pasta salad recipe 

A recipe for a typical Italian pasta salad. This salad can be refrigerated and eaten the next day. Main ingredients are the fussili or farfalle, capers, black olives, tomatoes and basil. The secret in making pasta salads is using fresh, good quality ingredients, a nice dressing and refrigerating the salad for at least 2 hours before serving, so that the flavors develop. A salad dressing for this recipe is included but you can use a ready made Italian dressing if you like
Tags: red bell pepper, black olives, onion, tomatoes, farfalle 

Spaghetti with garlic shrimp recipe 

An easy spaghetti and garlic shrimp recipe. Use fresh, medium or large sized shrimps for best results.
Tags: shrimps, garlic, parsley, white wine, butter 

Fettuccine with gorgonzola and sweet onion sauce recipe 

A simple pasta dish using a creamy sauce made with gorgonzola and sweet onions.
Tags: Gorgonzola cheese, red onion, garlic, rosemary, butter 

Pasta with prosciutto and green peas in marinara sauce recipe (with photos) 

An Italian pasta dish using prosciutto and peas cooked in a marinara sauce. This recipe is delicious and easy to do and can be ready in 15 minutes.
Tags: prosciutto, green peas, tomatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil 

Alfredo Regatta recipe 

A delicious pasta dish using a creamy garlic sauce. The sauce used in this recipe is a variation of the Alfredo sauce using milk, butter, cream, Parmesan cheese, flour, garlic and sauteed onions and mushrooms.
Tags: garlic, milk, butter, Parmesan cheese, onion 

Braciole (Italian round beef steak roll) recipe 

This classic Italian beef steak recipe is used in combination with a tomato based pasta sauce. Braciole is basically round beef steak, rolled up with garlic, onion, herbs, spices and Parmesan cheese. The braciole is browned in olive oil, then slowly cooked in a tomato or Marinara sauce for 1 1/2 to 2 hours and finally served with pasta or as a standalone dish. This is a perfect recipe for both the tomato sauce and the beef round steak and makes a great pasta dish.
Tags: round beef steak, tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, Parmesan cheese 

Pasta with prosciutto and green peas recipe 

A delicious and easy to make Italian pasta dish using prosciutto, peas and milk as main ingredients. This dish refrigerates well and can be eaten cold the following day. For this type of sauce it is important to use farfalle or similar shaped pasta.
Tags: farfalle pasta, prosciutto, green peas, butter, mint leaves 

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