Common conversions

This page provides the most common conversions often requested by our visitors. The list will be updated periodically to reflect user search trends. The list is sorted in descending order, most searched terms first.

convert mm to cm
convert pounds to kilograms
convert feet to centimeters
convert gallons to liters
convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
3 meters in feet
mm to cm
convert cm to mm
cm to mm
convert inches to meters
convert meters to inches
conversion cm to inches
convert cm to inches
convert feet to meters
convert m to mm
convert mm to feet
feet to metres
meters to inches
convert ft to meters
convert oz to lbs
43 celsius
convert mm in cm
mm to centimeters
convert cm to meters
convert mm to m
convert cm to feet
convert liters to quarts
convert 190 cm to feet
convert feet to metres
converting mm to cm
convert inches to feet
feet to meters
14 celsius
convert cm to m
convert meters to feet
mm convert to cm
convert mm to inches
convert meters to centimeters
convert 15 meters to feet
convert inches to metres
90 fahrenheit
24 inches to cm
15 fahrenheit
convert feet to cm
200 fahrenheit
convert mm to ft
convert feet to mm
65 fahrenheit
convert m to cm
converting cm to mm
convert 75 kg to lbs
litres to millilitres
64 fahrenheit
convert feet to inches
feet to mm
400 fahrenheit
convert grams to kilograms
18 fahrenheit
convert inches to mm
54 fahrenheit
150 fahrenheit
convert 3 feet to centimeters
convert 150 lbs to kg
convert mm to meters
convert inches to cm
convert ml to gallons
160 fahrenheit
54 celsius
cm = mm
8 celsius
93 fahrenheit
convert 2 meters to feet
180 fahrenheit
convert ft to mm
convert oz to pounds
convert ft to inches
5 pounds to kg
convert meters to cm
mm = cm
48 celsius
cm to feet
convert metres to inches
79 fahrenheit
convert grams to pounds
225 celsius
57 fahrenheit
25 lbs to kg
convert stones to pounds
20 fahrenheit
82 fahrenheit
20 grams to ounces
25 pounds to kilograms
grams to pounds
170 fahrenheit
convert km to meters
convert liters to milliliters
46 celsius
convert lbs to oz
feet to cm
cm convert to mm
25 meters to feet
convert oz to grams
convert litres to gallons
converting meters to centimeters
30 inches to cm
115 fahrenheit
convert 2 meters to feet
6 feet in cm
convert yards to metres
25 pounds to kg
convert 4 kg to pounds
57 celsius
82 celsius
56 celsius
convert inches to ft
46 fahrenheit
convert cm to metres
220 fahrenheit
convert litres to quarts
converting meters to inches
30 inches to centimeters
450 fahrenheit
convert kg to st
9 cm to inches
11 inches to cm
converting inches to meters
85 celsius
converting meters to mm
185 celsius
3 meters to feet
convert 120 lbs to kg
275 fahrenheit
inches to meters
converting mm to m
102 fahrenheit to celsius
210 celsius
64 celsius
convert cm in mm
convert meters to ft
inches to feet
convert mm to metres
convert 150 pounds to kg
convert 104 fahrenheit to celsius
110 celsius
convert 120 cm to inches
60 fahrenheit
75 fahrenheit
convert centimeters to inches
convert tbsp to ml
190 fahrenheit
72 celsius
convert 15 cm to inches
convert grams to ounces
convert metres to yards
convert kilograms to grams
225 fahrenheit
58 celsius
convert m to inches
millimeters to feet
10 fahrenheit
convert cm to ft
grams to ounces
105 fahrenheit
125 fahrenheit
88 celsius
175 fahrenheit
210 fahrenheit
74 celsius
convert ml to teaspoons
68 fahrenheit
2 meters to feet
converting mm to meters
millimeters to centimeters
21 fahrenheit
79 celsius
convert millimeters to feet
convert ft to cm
convert meters to km
meters to cm
160 celsius
475 fahrenheit
5 mm to inches
70 fahrenheit
76 celsius
convert ml to tablespoons
mm convert to m
165 fahrenheit
200 celsius to fahrenheit
5 kg to pounds
convert metres to feet
29 celsius
43 fahrenheit
5 feet in cm
5 kilograms to pounds
feet to m
145 fahrenheit
convert teaspoons to ml
135 fahrenheit
260 celsius
5 pounds in kg
76 cm to inches
convert 140 mm to inches
84 celsius
conversion mm to feet
convert ounces to kilograms
convert pounds to grams
convert tsp to tbsp
1 ounces to grams
93 celsius
conversion cm to mm
convert centimeters to meters
convert inches to m
convert yards to meters
converting feet to metres
130 celsius
convert 150 pounds to kg
convert 180 centimeters to feet
convert millimeters to inches
mm to inches
102 celsius
108 fahrenheit
370 fahrenheit
convert 500 grams to ounces
convert cm to millimeters
convert ft to m
convert ft to yards
convert kilograms to ounces
140 grams to ounces
20 grams to oz
250 fahrenheit
320 fahrenheit
95 inches to feet
centimeters to mm
cm to inches
conversion feet to cm
convert 2 liters to quarts
convert feet to m
convert km to ft
convert m to feet
convert meters to mm
convert ounces to grams
mm convert to feet
1 oz in grams
2 cm to feet
118 fahrenheit
cm convert to m
convert tablespoons to milliliters
convert tsp to ml
millilitres to litres
104 celsius
230 fahrenheit
39 fahrenheit
86 celsius
91 celsius
convert 100 grams to ounces
convert 22 inches to cm
convert ft to metres
convert metres to cm
convert ml to tbsp
pounds to grams
28 lbs to kg
30 inches in cm
convert 4 ounces to grams
convert kg to grams
convert mm to centimeters
convert st to kg
converting feet to meters
inches to mm
mm to meters
185 fahrenheit
225 celsius to fahrenheit
convert 4 meters to feet
conversion meters to inches
convert km to feet
converting cm to meters
convert 10 ounces to grams
150 grams to ounces
240 fahrenheit
300 fahrenheit
56 grams to ounces
72 fahrenheit
convert 75 kg to pounds
conversion feet to mm
convert 10 ounces to grams
convert kilograms to pounds
convert ml to quarts
ounces to grams
121 celsius
convert 152 cm to feet
25 feet to meters
29 celsius to fahrenheit
375 fahrenheit to celsius
500 fahrenheit
convert 9 kg to lbs
convert 5 ounces to grams
convert inches to millimeters
convert l to ml
convert ml to litres
convert mm to km
grams to kilograms
convert 23 cm to inches
385 fahrenheit
convert 7 inches to cm
90 celsius
99 grams to ounces
convert 120 cm to inches
convert 25 kilograms to pounds
convert 48 inches to feet
convert cm to km
convert liters to gallons
inches to m
convert 10 oz to grams
140 fahrenheit
18 ounces to grams
convert 23 inches to cm
270 fahrenheit
cm convert to feet
conversion feet to meters
conversion feet to metres
convert kg to oz
convert kilometers to feet
convert kilometers to meters
convert meters to yards
158 fahrenheit
convert 180 cm to feet
185 celsius to fahrenheit
220 celsius
25 pounds in kg
850 grams to ounces
96 fahrenheit to celsius
conversion mm to cm
convert 200 grams to ounces
convert 250 grams to pounds
convert inches to centimeters
convert litres to milliliters
convert ml to liters
convert tablespoons to ml
inches to cm
litres to ml
metres to inches
107 celsius
135 celsius
165 celsius
170 celsius
375 fahrenheit
convert 5 kg to pounds
cm to millimeters
convert 140 grams to ounces
convert 150 grams to ounces
convert cm to yards
convert lb to grams
convert metres to mm
converting inches to metres
converting m to mm
converting tbsp to ml
feet convert to mm
meters to feet
0 meters to inches
convert 2 meters to feet
110 grams to ounces
155 fahrenheit
convert 170 mm to inches
25 lbs in kg
280 grams to pounds
30 inches in centimeters
350 grams to pounds
6 cm to mm
cm to meters
convert 30 grams to ounces
convert centimeters to milimeters
convert ft to km
convert km to inches
convert 1 cm to mm
195 fahrenheit
225 fahrenheit to celsius
convert 25 lbs to kg
30 cm to inches