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Bittersweet chocolate sauce recipe 

A bittersweet chocolate sauce, great with ice creams.
Tags: heavy cream, cocoa powder, corn syrup, bittersweet chocolate, butter 

Amaretto cheesecake recipe 

A rich, creamy, full of flavor cheesecake, great for any occasion.
Tags: sugar, unsalted butter, Amaretto liqueur, cream cheese, sour cream 

Chocolate ricotta cheesecake recipe 

A smooth, chocolate flavored cheesecake using creamed and ricotta cheese, coffee liquer and eggs (among other ingredients). Unlike other chocolate cheesecake recipes, this one does not use melted chocolate; instead it uses cocoa powder and coffee liqueur.
Tags: butter, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, eggs, cocoa powder 

Chocolate cheesecake recipe 

A classic chocolate cheesecake recipe.
Tags: chocolate, cream cheese, sour cream, vanilla essence, sugar 

Cinnamon rolls recipe 

The best cinnamon rolls recipe - easy to make and delicious. A simple dough is covered with a cinnamon and butter mixture, rolled up and cut into 1 inch wide rolls. The rolls are baked in the oven until golden brown and then covered with a simple icing sugar syrup. Great for breakfast, as a dessert or for parties. Refrigerated easily and tastes great if heated in the microwave.
Tags: cinnamon, butter, flour, sugar, milk 
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Homemade butterscotch sauce recipe 

A delicious homemade butterscotch sauce, great on vanilla ice cream or as a topping for cakes.
Tags: unsalted butter, dark brown sugar, whipping cream, vanilla extract, salt 
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Blueberry cheesecake recipe 

A delicious, fluffy, no-bake blueberry cheesecake flavored with marshmallow cream and lemon zest.
Tags: gelatin, cream cheese, lemon juice, blueberries, marshmallow cream 

Pecan pie cheesecake recipe 

A cheesecake made with the typical ingredients plus pecans topped with a corn syrup, eggs, sugar and vanilla mixture. If you like pecans you must try this cheesecake.
Tags: cream cheese, egg, whipping cream, pecans, corn syrup 

Easy cheesecake recipe 

An easy cheesecake recipe using eggs, cream cheese and sour cream among other ingredients, great for any occasion.  
Tags: cream cheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence, sour cream 

Triple chocolate brownies recipe 

The best recipe for triple chocolate brownies
Tags: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, butter, flour 
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