Pasta recipes

Spaghetti, tagliatelle, farfalle, and much more!

Spaghetti with Florentine meat sauce recipe 

Pasta with a meat sauce made with minced beef, chicken livers, celery, carrot, onion, tomatoes and red wine. The special with this recipe is the use of the chicken livers.
Tags: minced meat, chicken livers, red wine, tomatoes, pasta 

Pasta in sage and butter sauce (Burro e salvia) recipe 

A simple yet delicious pasta recipe using butter and sage as main ingredients for the sauce.
Tags: butter, fresh sage leaves, Parmesan cheese 

Fettuccine with Gorgonzola sauce recipe 

A simple but delicious fettuccine (or fettuccini) recipe in a creamy Gorgonzola sauce 
Tags: Gorgonzola cheese, fettucini, butter, cream, milk 

Linguini and clams recipe 

Linguini with clams cooked in wine and tarragon 
Tags: clams, linguini, garlic, parsley, white wine 

Linguini and clams in a creamy tarragon sauce recipe 

A simple and extremely tasty linguini recipe. Main ingredients are clams and tarragon
Tags: clams, linguini, garlic, cream, pasta 

Penne puttanesca recipe 

A famous Italian pasta recipe made with capers, anchovies, olives and lots of garlic.
Tags: anchovies, capers, tomatoes, garlic 

Spaghetti carbonara recipe 

A variation of this famous Italian spaghetti carbonara recipe that uses ham instead of bacon.
Tags: ham, Parmesan cheese, eggs, butter, spaghetti 

Spaghetti puttanesca recipe 

The classic Italian spaghetti Puttanesca recipe.
Tags: capers, anchovies, garlic, tomatoes, chili flakes 

Chicken lasagna recipe 

A delicious lasagna recipe with chicken.
Tags: chicken, lasagna, mushrooms 

Spaghetti puttanesca (another variation) recipe 

Another variation of the classic Italian spaghetti puttanesca dish. It can be served as a starter or as a meal on its own.
Tags: anchovies, capers, tomatoes, olives, garlic 

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