Tiramisu recipes

In our Tiramisu recipes section you can find the most popular recipes of this famous Italian desert. All recipes are based on the same principle; one or more layers of ladyfingers or sponge cake flavoured with strong coffee like Espresso and topped with one or more types of cream. Variations of the Tiramisu recipe use a zabaglione (a cream made primarily of eggs and sugar), whipped cream, rum or Marsala wine, cocoa or chocolate shavings and much more.

Jeff Smith's Basic Tiramisu recipe 

This is a Tiramisu recipe by the famous Jeff Smith. Like most typical Tiramisu recipes, this one uses mascarpone cheese, Espresso coffee, brandy, egg yolks and ladyfingers.
Tags: mascarpone, Espresso, egg yolks, brandy 

Kahlua Tiramisu recipe 

A typical Tiramisu recipe using Kahlua, a coffee liqueur, to flavor the ladyfingers and mascarpone cream. The use of the egg whites in the mascarpone mixture makes the filling a lot lighter. The cake is garnished with grated dark chocolate. You can also use sifted unsweetened cocoa powder.
Tags: mascarpone, Kahlua, Espresso, eggs 

Specialty Baker's Tiramisu recipe 

A Tiramisu recipe from Specialty Bakers, a company specializing in making ladyfingers. Like all Tiramisu recipes, this one uses a zabaglione (eggs and sugar cooked over a water bath), Espresso coffee, brandy and whipping cream. This recipe uses an additional layer of a sweetened whipping cream, cocoa and chocolate shavings as a garnish. 
Tags: mascarpone, Espresso, whipped cream, egg yolks, vanilla 

Simple Tiramisu recipe 

A simple Tiramisu recipe that is equally tasty. Egg yolks, mascarpone cheese, whipping cream and egg whites make a light and fluffy filling for this delicious cake.
Tags: mascarpone, eggs, whipping cream, Espresso 

Trenda Leigh's Tiramisu recipe 

This Tiramisu recipe is by Trenda Leigh from the January 1991 issue of Southern Living magazine. It uses a zabaglione, mascarpone cheese, Espresso coffee and brandy. It also uses whipping cream together with cocoa powder and chocolate shavings to garnish the cake.

Basic Tiramisu (without whipping cream) recipe 

This Tiramisu recipe uses raw egg yolks, mascarpone cheese, coffee and Kahlua or Amaretto. Unlike most Tiramisu recipes, this one does not use any whipping cream. Instead, it uses double the amount of mascarpone cheese. Since the eggs are not cooked in this recipe, make sure you use fresh ones. 
Tags: mascarpone, Espresso, egg yolks, cocoa 

Mary Bergin's Tiramisu recipe 

A Tiramisu recipe presented by Mary Bergin on a Food TV Network show. It uses a chocolate chiffon cake instead of ladyfingers, a combination of Kahlua and rum and it is prepared in individual dessert glasses. This recipe requires more work than typical Tiramisu recipes, but the result is worth it. 
Tags: mascarpone, eggs, Espresso, chocolate, cocoa 

Classic Tiramisu recipe 

A classic Tiramisu recipe using ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, egg yolks and egg whites and brandy or rum. This recipe does not use whipped cream. Also, the eggs are not cooked, so make sure that you use fresh ones. Like all Tiramisu recipes, the quality of the ingredients used is very important. 
Tags: Espresso, mascarpone, eggs, brandy 

Tiramisu recipe 

A basic Tiramisu recipe that is simple to make and delicious. Like most Tiramisu recipes, this one uses Mascarpone cheese, raw eggs, Espresso coffee and brandy. 

Easy Tiramisu recipe 

A Tiramisu recipe using whole eggs (both egg yolks and egg whites), Mascarpone cheese, brandy and Marsala wine. If you cannot find Marsala wine, substitute it with brandy or dark rum.
Tags: mascarpone, Espresso, brandy, Marsala, eggs 

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