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Salsa Ranchera recipe 

Salsa ranchera is a delicious Mexican salsa that can be served as a dip with tortilla chips or as a condiment with fajitas or tacos.
Tags: salsa, tacos, fajitas 

Avocado salsa recipe 

An easy to make, refreshing Mexican salsa using avocados, onions, tomatoes and coriander.
Tags: salsa, avocado, fajitas 

Tomato salsa recipe 

A thick tomato salsa that can be used as a dip with chips or with Mexican dishes like fajitas and tacos.
Tags: tomatoes, salsa 

Tomatillo Salsa recipe 

Tomatillo salsa is another Mexican salsa that uses tomattillos and chili peppers as main ingredients. It can be served with tortilla chips or as a condiment with fajitas, tacos or similar dishes. 
Tags: tomatillos, salsa 

Mexican avocado and olives salsa recipe 

A refreshing Mexican salsa that can be served as a side dish or as a salad.
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Chicken chimichangas with homemade Salsa recipe 

Tortillas filled with cooked chicken and salsa, wrapped and fried in vegetable oil until they crisp up. Serve with guacamole, rice Picante or Mexican fried rice, salsa, lettuce and cheese for a complete meal.
Tags: chicken breast, tortillas, chili powder, salsa, garlic 

Sangria recipe 

An easy recipe for the famous Mexican drink Sangria
Tags: salsa, fajitas, drink 

Traditional Quesadillas recipe 

Quesadillas are a very popular Mexican dish. The basic idea behind it is to fill a tortilla with ingredients you like and then fry it. This recipe uses ingredients used in the traditional way of making quesadillas, like chorizo sausage, potatoes, cheese and beans.
Tags: salsa, tortillas, chorizo sausage, potatoes, beans 

Salsa Picante recipe 

This famous Mexican salsa is great with tortilla chips or as a condiment with other Mexican dishes such as enchiladas and chimichangas.
Tags: Anaheim chili, garlic, tomatoes, green bell pepper, lime 

Salsa de chile Colorado (Colorado red chile sauce or enchilada sauce) recipe 

Colorado red chile sauce is a basic Mexican red chile sauce, used with enchiladas or similar Mexican dishes. The sauce is basically made with pureed, re-hydrated, red chiles and a garlic puree. This recipe will make 8 cups of red chile sauce. You can use as much of he sauce as you need and keep the remaining in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks.
Tags: garlic, red chiles, vegetable oil, salt, flour